Norica Dead Eye GRS 902 FPS / .22

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    Norica Dead Eye GRS 902 FPS / .22

    Tactical look air rifle featuring the best of Norica technologies. GRS (Gas Ram System) delivers full and constant power, better accuracy due to reduced vibration, increased durability of power system and internal parts. RAS (Recoil Absorption System) reduces the recoil by 40%, offering a better control of the firing cycle. Norica fully adjustable trigger system -with silver plated metal blade. Easy-cocking effort aid. The adjustable cheek-piece helps aligning your sight with the target. Fiber-optic open sights, 11mm dovetail grooves for scope and two picatinny rails. DESCRIPTION • Anti-shock synthetic stock• Fully adjustable cheek-piece• Polymer jacketed high grade steel barrel• Fully adjustable trigger. Silver plated metal trigger blade• Fiber optic micrometric open sights• Front sight protected by steel hood• Reduced cocking effort• Automatic safety• Picatinny rails on both sides• 11 mm dovetail rail *** DOES NOT COME WITH SCOPE OR MOUNT SPECIFICATIONS • Caliber: .22• Weight (KG): 3• Barrel length (mm): 474• Total length (mm): 1155• Speed: 902FPS GRS Thanks to the work done in the R & D department of Norica, has managed to integrate the pneumatic system GRS (Gas Ram System) replacing the spring, dramatically improving our products.The advantages of the innovative GRS system: - Less vibration: Having no spring vibrations caused by the oscillations produced by the spring to relax once you shoot away.- Better load: The absence of friction spring, it is charging more evenly.- Increased accuracy: The disappearance vibrations caused by the spring allows the shooter greater shooting accuracy.- Constant power shot: The disappearance spring friction and wear caused by the shots in the spring, constant power shot is achieved.- Longer life: Being a pneumatic system lifetime is superior to that of any spring. RAS A new innovation thanks to the work done and the extensive experience of Norica. The RAS (Recoil Absorption System) is a small absorber located at the end of piston travel GRS. With this new system we managed to minimize the blow that occurs when shooting, reducing vibration and making smoother for rifle shooter.